District 42

North Surrey/North Delta


Chair: Alfred S.

Literature Committees ensure A.A. literature is available for A.A. groups, service meetings and other A.A. events.

Committee Responsibilities

Consider proposed additions to and changes in Conference-approved literature and audiovisual material

Conduct A.A. literature workshops

Provide displays, supplies of A.A. catalogs and order forms

Literature has played a major role in A.A.'s growth, and a striking phenomenon of the past quarter-century has been the explosion of translations of our basic literature into many languages and dialects. In country after country where the A.A. seed was planted, it has taken root, slowly at first, then growing by leaps and bounds when literature has become available. Currently, "Alcoholics Anonymous" has been translated into forty-three* languages."

Forward to the Fourth Edition page xxiv, Alcoholics Anonymous

*in 2013, Alcoholics Anonymous is in the seventy languages.

Want to get connected?

Reach out to our District 42 Literature Chair, Alfred S for more information on how to get involved!